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AtlasFX Quarter in Review

The global economy exited Q1 2021 quite a bit differently than it exited Q1 2020.  Instead of economic activity falling off a cliff, many sectors have rebounded strongly.  Deflation has rapidly turned into inflation, fear has turned into greed, and fundamental research has apparently been replaced by memes.  Foreign exchange volatility has been reduced compared to a year ago, but is this the calm before the next storm?  

FX rates represent the clearing prices between all of the different supply and demand fundamentals, deficits, interventions, etc around the globe.  Increased commodity prices, disrupted supply chains, and widely differing pandemic situations wreak havoc on “business as usual” and can easily set off a new round of significant FX volatility.  Last spring’s FX volatility exposed many companies to underlying problems with their FX risk management – some have rectified these issues, while others have merely had improved results due to the decline in volatility, with little improvement in their ability to navigate choppy waters, should they return.  

If you suspect your company is in the latter situation, now is the time to contact AtlasFX and let us help you solve your FX risk management problems.  We have the technology and the domain expertise to get it done.

Q1 Reading

A Risk Manager’s Quick Switch to AtlasFX

Making any type of system change can be unnerving, but one FX risk manager did just that. Read his story about the benefits of jumping off his existing FX risk management system and hopping onto AtlasFX drastically surpassed the functionality of his former solution within a month. Read Now


Accuracy of “Professional” FX Forecasters

AtlasFX has been keeping track of G7 forecasting performance between pro’s and the naïve method for the last 12 years. The naïve method has proven to be more accurate than the “pro’s” more often than not – was that the case for 2020? Read Now


Carry Trade - Q1 Review and Q2 Outlook

FX Carry Trade Q2 Outlook is now available. The Chinese Yuan (CNY) offers the highest risk adjusted return: 0.6% 3M rate difference / 2.7% 3M implied volatility = 0.22 against the USD. Read the rest of the Q2 Outlook and the Q1 Review for further details. Read Now


White Paper: 

Top 10 Mistakes That Companies Make in FX Risk Management

Download our white paper on the “Top 10” most common — and costly — mistakes multinational companies make when trying to manage their FX risk.


AtlasFX understands all organizations have unique needs. Request a demo or just ask a question. I will be happy to address them all.


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